About Us

Club GT350 is an exclusive community, of humble like-minded automotive enthusiasts with an eclectic taste in cars & motorcycles, & above all that zest for life!

The reason most join is simple, to unite with others in the common love for Automotive lifestyle. Our philosophy is to enjoy our machines of passion in the way their designers intended, rarely can they stir the senses whilst sitting idle in a garage undercover.

We live for automotive based adventure…

…good times & camaraderie on simply breath-taking runs across Europe & the UK on both 2 and 4 wheels with an end finale always on the horizon. In the past these have included Le Mans 24H, The Nurburgring, The Frankfurt Motor Show & even the largest Bier Festival to be held in Belgium to name but a few. One of our mottos is – ‘Live the ride, drive the life!’ We are the epitome of those 6 words!

Passion flows deep in all that we do at Club GT350! Our member only runs & events give you a reason to get out and use your pride & joy for its true intention.

Every GT350 Run is authentic to us & is a product of our quest to provide only the most sublime riding & driving experiences. Our test runs & previous events have totalled tens of thousands of miles over many years to seek out the hidden gems of the beautiful countries we visit to ensure your experience is truly something belonging on any automotive enthusiast’s bucket list! We pride ourselves on attention to detail, the meticulous planning that goes into our runs is unparalleled and you will find the personal touches of an exclusive members club at every stage of the way.

Whilst not living our lives in Europe Club GT350 also provide a whole host of regular social events for our members in the UK. These include:

  • Breakfast club in leafy Norfolk
  • The GT350 Run UK
  • Events supporting our charities
  • Automotive lifestyle events
  • Motorsport & track events

Our History

Lee Shilvock

Club GT350 Founder

Club GT350 was founded in 2019; originally the core, members only part of The GameTime 350 Run which was founded by automotive & adventure enthusiast Lee Shilvock back in 2017 with rallies expertly planned & successfully completed all over Europe.

The goal was always to provide our clients with undeniably the best authentic, impeccably planned, stress-free driving/riding based adventures to ultimate destinations & events in the UK, Europe & Beyond. Previous rallies created huge lifelong memories for our clients ranging from driver focused Alpine driving routes, to prestigious Motorsport events and far flung social destinations. The reviews from our past clients really speak for themselves on the level at which we operate.

Club GT350 now stands alone as its own entity, there to provide our exclusive community of members with the experiences they desire and which cannot be sourced elsewhere.